INNOVATION by DESIGN with LEGO Serious Play – 2-day Expert-Level Facilitator Training


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[Starts with] a 2-day expert-level facilitator training alongside a peer group of experienced LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators to deepen, enhance and expand your knowledge and skill set. Our master trainers equip you with leadership skills, business context, tools and new techniques to facilitate workshops, sprints and rhythms.

A mastermind is set up as an experience for self-development, continual learning, and peer-to-peer community.

Innovation Design with LEGO® Serious Play®

Where Innovation Meets Business

  • make design thinking tangible
  • two days of practice with new application techniques
  • receive the extensive manual including the script
  • get your customer journey workshop fo free

During this two-day training we combine the world of Design Thinking with that of LEGO®  Serious Play®. Two methods, each with their own objective that complement each other seamlessly. For example, Design Thinking is known as a creative process where participants – each with their own way of thinking -step by step build innovative ideas.

And LEGO® Serious Play ® is defined as a process oriented method that supports groups, facilitates communication and helps to solve complex problems. By combining these methods, participants literally will be able to create and work towards a result.

The training is a lot based on the idea of ‘Integrative Thinking’, as defined by Roger Martin in his book The Opposable Mind. Besides these insides we work extensively with different models during the 7-stage process of INNOVATION DESIGN

7 reasons to combine the methods

Learning by doing. Both Design Thinking and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY come from the insights of constructivism; an iterative process in which ‘learning through experience’ is crucial and a proven, effective way of working and learning.

Constructionism. In reference to this way of learning, gathering and exchanging knowledge, we pay attention to innovation through disruption. By confronting the existing with ‘the other’ unexpected insights arise within the group and its individual members.

Co-creation. Change, create, innovate, they all arise around the collaboration of people if it is a multidisciplinary team where everyone’s input is essential. Only then is sustainable development an obvious choice. For Design Thinking, diversity is the incentive for originality and with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY it starts literally with building the ideas.

Understand and be understood. If you tell someone what a dog looks like, the other probably has a different kind of dog in mind. Showing what you mean and asking questions into the object, leads to understanding. Whenever we use visuals, we understand faster, we remember better, we connect to it and stimulate creativity.

Attention to intuition. Both methods stimulate a creative process where intuition and the subconscious strengthen each other. Through the use of your hands, the brain gets stimulated in a way it leads to the creation of unexpected ideas.

Focus on people. During the Design Thinking process, co-creation is ‘key’. With the introduction of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY that process is stimulated by involving all participants. The backbone in this approach is, the answer comes from the group of people who work with each other. As a participants you’re challenged to step out of your comfort zone which ensures at the same time that everyone in the team is in the same boat and contributes to a solution.

Play Well. In every Design Process the outcome is still unknown. During the training we combine the methods leading to a methodological and structured approach. We lead participants step-by-step through the process. The connection between the methods is created by adding the element “play”, whereby the almost magical effect of immersion arises; getting totally involved and in flow, where the outside world no longer seems to exist.

In this way we transform an uncertain process towards innovation and innovation.


  • Knowledge of theories and applications used to underpin the steps of the Design Thinking process.
  • A manual with articles referring to the essentials of the theories and applications.
  • Experiencing the application of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in combination with the entire process of Design Thinking.
  • Complete manual with manual for client-orientated workshop.
  • Design Thinking in combination with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY can be applied within organizations, processes, people, products or services.
  • Experiencing the application of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in combination with the entire process of Design Thinking.
  • Insights in 7 fundamental theories and models that support this approach.


  • This training aims at certified LSP Facilitators, based on a 4-day training practising all 7 application techniques of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method extensively.
  • Some knowledge of Design Thinking is an advantage, but not a must.
  • The number of participants is limited to: 8.
  • Participants receive a certificate from Design Play. This ensures that they have access to new developed material and updates.
  • The training is designed and owned by Design Play, an initiative of Bricks and Business & Strategic Creative.
  • LEGO®, SERIOUS PLAY®, the Minifigure and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this website.
Original price was: €1.997,00.Current price is: €1.750,00. 2.117,50

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This training is designed and owned by Design Play, an initiative of Bricks and Business & Strategic Creative

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